Speedo LZR Elite 2 Comfort Strap Kneeskin

Speedo LZR Elite 2 Comfort Strap Kneeskin

Product Details

This Product is non returnable or exchangeable
FINA Approved.
* New Comfort Strap reduces shoulder pressure.
Patented SpeedoŽ Core Stabalizer & Internal Compression Panels, assist in achieving drag reducing streamlined form and improved economy.
* 3D, 3-Piece Pattern creates the ultimate fit with complete freedom of movement.
*Lightweight woven fabrics deliver compression without weight.
* Bonded seams provide 6% less skin friction drag vs. sewn in seams.
*40% More durable water repellency as compared to LZR RacerŽ Elite.
* Full body compression reduces muscle oscillation.
* ontours the body into an efficient hydrodynamic shape.
* Silicone Leg Grippers ensure a snug, solid fit for confidence in your performance.