Swimmers Best Brute Paddle

Swimmers Best Brute Paddle

Product Details

*Forces forearm catch
*Center spine design stabilizes stroke
*Increase kick power and quality
*Maximum Displacement
*Maximize your Kick
*FULL displacement paddle that will be a powerhouse in workouts!
*Displaces water entirely from hand, forcing you to gain propulsion ONLY from forearm and kick
*Central ‘spine’ makes it the most stable and smooth displacement paddle ever created
*Back is open to help train not to lead with elbow on catch or outsweep
*Place 1-2 fingers under strap for hard workouts, or go ‘strapless’ for technique workouts
*High intensity timed sets are ideal with Brute to work kick, cardio, and ideal stroke
*Add Wrist Trainer and push it up out of the way for some sets and extended for other sets
*Add Wrist Band to Wrist Trainer for force a straight wrist